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June 8, 2011

The “drug war” has failed. When will politicians wake up?

Real progress towards conflict free mining in the Congo.  From the writer of the much applauded book “Dancing in the Glory of the Monsters”

Common Market–>Monetary Union–>Political Federation. More than just a dream for the East African Community (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi).

Youth empowerment through community mapping. In Cameroon

Thinking of agriculture as a managed ecosystem

Agriculture’s main challenge for the coming decades will be to produce sufficient food and fiber for a growing global population at an acceptable environmental cost. This challenge requires an ecological approach to agriculture that is largely missing from current management and research portfolios. Crop and livestock production systems must be managed as ecosystems, with management decisions fully informed of environmental costs and benefits.

Beyond Organic vs Industrial farming. Pamela Ronald argues for keeping an open mind on agricultural methods.

Pitting farming practices against each other only prevents the transformative changes needed on our farms. Without good science and good farming, we cannot even begin to dream about establishing an ecologically balanced, biologically based system of farming and ensuring food security.


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