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May 23, 2011

Tips for getting published in an economics journal. An intimidating prospect.

Being social, good for your pocketbook.

We exploit random variation in the meeting frequency of microfinance groups during their first loan cycle to show that more frequent meeting is associated with long-run increases in social interaction and lower default. Relative to clients who met on a monthly based during their first loan, those who met weekly are three and a half times less likely to default on their subsequent loan.

Are public sector union work rules conducive to service provision? A case of transit unions. I would like to see the counterfactual. Is there evidence that transit services are more efficient in the absence of union rules? And what would be the impact (good or bad) on labor conditions.

interpreting acadamic research with caution.

“Never put too much weight on a single study…Strive to understanding the details of the study before counting it as evidence…If a study’s assumptions, extrapolations and calculations are too complex to be easily understood, this is a strike against the study…context is key”

Conflicting advice for the new South Sudan.  Is it wise to focus on schools and healthcare before state-building and security?

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